Challenge :

In 2016, Wellington Zoo was looking to change their brand perception and raise awareness on the important role they play in conservation programs.

To help them out, Clemenger BBDO organized a pro bono accelerator day to provide a strategic approach and a road map.

Mission :

The objectives of this very condensed and collaborative workshop were to craft a value proposition for Wellington Zoo, to refine the real issue Wellington Zoo was facing and to bring together these statements into a brand platform that could be

During the workshop we found out that ignorance was the main issue: Zoogoers don't not know about the conservation role the Zoo is playing, as they seek entertainment over education, and on the other hand, animal advocates believe locking up animals is contradictory with conservation and are not aware of what the zoo is doing either. 

In order to be perceived as a credible authority on conservation they first needed to gain credibility locally, by showing how New Zealanders could play a role in conservation, by supporting local programmes and building community actions.